Never Be Afraid to Get the Psychological Help You Need

Never Be Afraid to Get the Psychological Help You Need

Tips For Getting Your Teen To Open Up To You

by Wayne Owens

If you have a teen that is regularly getting into trouble or has failing grades in school and is getting into fights, you are likely very worried about him or her. However, you might not know the reason why he or she is acting out and not know what to do about it. You will need to get your child to talk to you. Here are some tips for encouraging your teen to open up to you so that you can help him or her solve his or her problems and regulate his or her emotions more effectively.

1. Be Nonjudgmental

You don't want your child to be taking drugs or stealing things. You also don't want him or her to hang out with people who are doing those activities. Your child knows this and will anticipate punishment as a result, therefore going out of his or her way to make sure that you don't find out. One way to help get your teen to confide in you is if you remove the threat of punishment. For example, make a policy with your teen that he or she can text you at any point during the night if he or she is at a party where he or she is uncomfortable and get a ride home, no questions asked. This will allow your teen to get him or herself out of a bad situation.

Another way to appear nonjudgmental is to promise to just listen if your teen would be willing to talk to you. Make it clear that you won't offer advice unless your teen asks for it. This can help him or her be more willing to open up and talk to you about what he or she is experiencing in his or her life.

2. Practice Active Listening

Your child might have shut down because you didn't pay enough attention to the things that he or she found important in the past. You can rectify this by asking your child about his or her day and listening with attention. You might get one-word answers at first, but if you ask follow up questions, you can possibly show your child that you care. Don't interrogate your child about his or her day. Ask about what music he or she is listening to, what TV shows he or she would recommend, or what hobbies he or she is working on. 

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Never Be Afraid to Get the Psychological Help You Need

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