Never Be Afraid to Get the Psychological Help You Need

Never Be Afraid to Get the Psychological Help You Need

Understanding Teenage Binge Drinking

by Wayne Owens

While many people associate alcohol addiction with drinking on a daily basis, one need not drink every single day to have a problem with alcohol. Binge drinking is a common issue among teenagers, and as a parent, you need to recognize the signs associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

Binge Drinking Is Dangerous

Many people do not realize that binge drinking is just as dangerous as daily drinking. Despite the fact that millions of teenagers have engaged in binge drinking, the truth is that it is incredibly dangerous.

One of the major dangers associated with binge drinking is alcohol poisoning or overdose when combined with other substances, which can be fatal. Binge drinking is also associated with drunk driving, which can lead to fatal accidents. All of this is not to mention the higher rates of violence that occur when people drink large amounts of alcohol.

Teenage Binge Drinking Is Prevalent for Many Reason

Many factors may contribute to binge drinking among teenagers, so it is important to consider the variety of factors involved when sending your teenager to rehab.

One common factor linked to binge drinking is pressure commonly felt by teenagers and typically associated with school, college, friends, sports, low self-esteem, and bullying. Drinking becomes an option for those who struggle to cope.

Mental health issues can prompt binge drinking as well. Teens who binge drink may have issues like bipolar disorder, anxiety, or depression. When paired with easy access to drugs and alcohol, substance abuse increases.

Finally, teenagers who grow up in homes with at least one family member who drinks regularly are more likely to engage in binge drinking behavior. Teens who have grown up witnessing violence in the home are also at higher risk.

Counseling Is an Option for Binge Drinking

In alcohol rehab, teenagers can address many of the common issues associated with binge drinking. In rehab, your teen will have access to a variety of treatment resources that stop your teen from drinking before he or she gets to a point where alcohol has destroyed their health, relationships, and opportunities.

If you believe your child may have a problem with binge drinking, it may be time to consider rehabilitation. Counseling is a crucial tool in preventing the occurrence of binge drinking and other problematic behaviors. Call an alcohol rehabilitation counseling center today to begin the process of seeking help for your teenager or perhaps even the whole family.


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